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Your last chance to watch the Watchers


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When I profiled the Watchers in my column back in June, they made light of the hassles the band has had to deal with, from losing members to canceling their most recent tour while they were still on the road. It seems that the drag has finally gotten the best of them, though, and their show Friday night at the Empty Bottle is going to be their last. "We want to write new music and get on with it . . . so a clean break is what we require," front man Michael Guarrine wrote in an e-mail to me this afternoon. "We are just done and we still all love each other. Watchers is kind of run like a fucked up family and I just want to be able to talk to all these guys in the end, they are like brothers to me and that is how we would like to keep it." The Watchers are far from onstage mopers, so expect them to go out in a blaze of ass-shaking glory.

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