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Makes more sense than Sonny Bono, anyway


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Those of you still having occasional "Where are they now?" thoughts about Midnight Oil got a dramatic answer Thursday concerning Peter Garrett, their very tall, very bald, and very intense front man, who's putting most of his energy into a political career these days (he was an environmental activist before and during his time in the band, and has remained one since). Garrett's been a member of the Australian House of Representatives since 2004 and Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment, Heritage & Arts since 2006. Well, with the Labor landslide, scratch that "shadow" part (though it certainly sounds cooler): he's Australia's Environment Minister now.

Just how many musicians are getting into high government offices these days? Gilberto Gil as Brazil's Minister of Culture since 2003 comes to mind. Who would you like to see serving in a Cabinet position in a future American administration?

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