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Hello, Gorgeous: epilogue


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Yes, we like other things besides pork here at the Food Chain. 

But earlier this month I was rhapsodizing about the country hams my friends and I brought back from Cadiz, Kentucky. Last Saturday we ate them, and I don't think there's a better way to convey their exquisiteness than by posting this photo of a tissue-thin slice of Douglas Freeman's ham (courtesy of Ron Kaplan). We ate this one like prosciutto, and though it was a lot saltier it had great depth of flavor and nuttiness to it. The ham I bought--fifth place in the Trigg County Country Ham Festival--I soaked for two days, changing the water three times. We boiled it for four hours in a turkey frying pot and let it steep until the morning. Next we peeled the skin, glazed the ham with cider vinegar and brown sugar, and baked it. This one had a smokier, more aggressive flavor than the Freeman ham and was powerfully salty despite all that soaking. Both were delicious, though a little bit of country ham goes a long way. The hocks from each went into black-eyed peas and a mess o' greens a la the Izola's recipe in the Chicago issue of Saveur.

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