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Seize the Day!


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Newspapers across America led page one Tuesday with the astonishing news that according to American intelligence agencies, Iran ended its nuclear weapons program four years ago.The Sun-Times played the story as a two-paragraph brief on page 22. When the Sun-Times says "Let's get into it," it doesn't mean international affairs.

But war--ask any Gold Star mother--is a local story. There are army recruitment offices all over Chicago that are magnets for adolescents with views on the opportunity to kick Persian butt. There are the veterans. There are the moms. There are Chicago's Iranian-Americans. There's a professor or two at the U. of C. with something smart to say.

For months the White House has been getting the country used to the idea that a war against Iran might not be avoidable. Now the justification for that war has been yanked out from under our feet. Chicago can stand down. Go find that story.