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Bad words


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I hadn't previously been aware of Lake Superior State University's list of cliches to dump (see also) in the coming year, perhaps because it's not as perceptive or biting as it should be. I do, however, support this: "Reporters were chided for skipping out on detail by describing an event or parting as 'emotional'. . . ."

My recommendation, now that reporters are discouraged from deploying the word emotional in the sense we've come to expect, is that they adopt the Anglo journalism term tired and emotional, a beautiful euphemism for public intoxication and yet another addition to the list of synonyms in English for the effects of excessive alcohol consumption (bent, besotted, blotto. . .), a list that exceeds Inuit words for snow in length and richness and speaks volumes about culture. Anyone who thought Prohibition had a chance should have really picked up a thesaurus.

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