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Sabertooth release party


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Bands, just like life partners and wallpaper, can get taken for granted. Consider Sabertooth, the  quartet that's played the late-night slot at the Green Mill on Saturdays for 15 years. Yeah, let that sink in. As drummer Ted Sirota puts it in an e-mail: "If you've never seen us, you've missed approximately 2,400 sets of music, which amounts to about 12,000 songs that you've missed."

The quartet--which also features Cameron Pfiffner and Pat Mallinger on saxes and Pete Benson on organ--has a laid-back but focused bounciness that appeals to the woozy party crowd without insulting the intelligence of jazz snobs. 

What does it take to get them out of their pre-dawn comfort zone? A release party, apparently. This Friday at 9 PM at  the Green Mill (4802 N. Broadway) they'll be celebrating the release of their new Delmark release Dr. Midnight--recorded, naturally, live at the Green Mill.

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