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The sickness unto election day: Someone get John Kass an RSS reader


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John Kass writes:

Here are the allegedly racially insensitive remarks:

"This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen," said Bill Clinton in describing Barack's media treatment, which seemed accurate, since most news coverage of Obama ignores Chicago politics and emphasizes instead how he healed the sick and fed thousands of patronage workers with a few loaves of bread and dried fish.

And Hillary dared to note that it took an experienced and crafty President Lyndon Baines Johnson to win Civil Rights legislation for blacks in the 1960s. Naturally, she didn't give Republicans credit for voting for it in Congress.

Well, and there's also the unnamed Clinton "adviser" who called Obama America's "hip black friend," her since-departed campaign co-chairman's references to his drug use, and Andrew Cuomo's perhaps taken-out-of-context use of the phrase "shuck and jive." The Washington Post has a complete rundown. The "fairy tale" thing, incidentally, doesn't have a damn thing to do with race. Whether or not it's a "pattern" or the inevitable result of politics, if you're going to accuse Obama of playing the fabled race card, it's only fair to note he wasn't playing it against a high ten. My friend Ben, blogging at The Private Intellectual, calls this process the New Model Race Bait:

No black politician seeking a cross-racial constituency is advised to yell "racism" too loudly, because white people only identify racism with the likes of Bull Connor. We do not know what racism is and we do not see it around us. So you can capitalize on white racial attitudes without ever saying anything bad about black people. It's a racial politics bank-shot: piss off a few black figures or Obama surrogates who start sounding all touchy and defensive, and instantly you've ramped up white resentment of those whiny blacks. They do the work for you! And if they don't, you can always jettison your shame down to Bill Clinton levels and pretend that they are!

Don't think so? Go back and read Kass's column: "By the time the Sunday papers roll, and the TV talk shows, we'll realize we've transcended nothing, and that we're in the Way Back Machine, knee-deep in the old style Democratic politics of racial symbolism and victimhood."

Which is why I'm glad that Clinton and Obama have declared a truce, just so I don't get a headache that lasts until November.

By the way: "Clinton's style clashes with 'The Rules' of dating." It's even worse than the headline suggests.