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The anti-modernist


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The New York Times has an interesting piece on the home of Chicago investment banker and man-about-town Richard Driehaus. I'm not sure that one rich dude's house constitutes a dramatic protest against the city's modernist tradition--although he is opening the Richard H. Driehaus Museum of Decorative Arts this spring in the Nickerson Mansion--but, you know, baby steps. His taste is hit or miss, as is the case lot of people who are into ornamentation, but he deserves credit for his passion in a city with way too many Mies van der Rohe buildings and their subsequent knockoffs. 

As a side note, much of modern architecture's distaste for decoration stems from the writings of Adolf Loos, an architect, theorist, and complete maniac who associated ornamentation with criminals and Papuans (no, seriously); take that as you will. His unused design for the Tribune building is either zaniness or total madness.


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