The history of the cringe, chapter one million | Bleader

The history of the cringe, chapter one million


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Lou Reed’s lack of humility and predilection for pomposity are well-known, so even though I can't say whether he hatched the idea for the collaboration captured in this 2001 video clip--courtesy of the always entertaining WFMU blog--I feel fine blaming him for agreeing to participate in such an overblown travesty. It’s a trudge though his tune “Perfect Day” with some subtle harmonizing from Luciano Pavarotti.

Today’s playlist:

Russell Malone, Live at the Jazz Standard, Volume Two (MaxJazz)
Szely, Processing Other Perspectives (Mosz)
Tita Lima, 11:11 (Kajmere)
Ulrich Gumpert, Quartette (Intakt)
Death Ambient, Drunk Forest (Tzadik)


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