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Yakutsk: Journey to the coldest city on earth - Europe, Travel -

"I decided to come to Yakutsk for myself to find out how people manage to survive, and go about something resembling daily life, in the world's coldest place."

Springwise: Neighbourhood approach to renewable energy

"Each linked to a central Qserver, the Qboxes in the network monitor energy flows in each home and optimize them for maximum network-wide efficiency."

alicublog - Tribute to Heath Ledger

"Whatever pain was particular to Heath Ledger, on screen the pain was all Ennis'. We should be grateful to have this fine example of the player's art by which to remember him."

The Phoneblog

"Supercontainer shipping is the most efficient form of transportation in the world."

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog - books: Stop bowdlerising books for kids

"Perhaps this new emphasis on books-as-manuals is why today's children's book publishers have been more gutless when reissuing their backlist titles."

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