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The Farnsworth House birdfeeder

Oh that is awesome.

Poynter Online - Romenesko

Headline of the week: "Hiller wants an editor who's OK with a smaller LAT newsroom"

Cahiers du Moment: porringers and pablum

"A tavola si non invecchia. Time spent at the table does not age. That's true, but not on a bar chair."

Endangered Turtle Makes Record 647-Day Journey

"After 647 days of swimming, the animal finally reached the cool waters of the Pacific Northwest—where a feast of jellyfish awaited."

The Chicago Methods Reporter » Getting Hip to Hipsters

"There’s gotta be guys with longer hair who read Lacan and Derrida, right? Who know the meaning of life and ride a vintage Vespa and speak Hungarian for fun?"

Fogonazos: Airparks: a plane in your garage

"According to the 'Living With Your Plane' Association, there are about 430 airparks with a total of 22,000 home sites in the United States."

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