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*Radio Diaries*

"Cali Rivera makes cowbells, timbales and other percussion instruments in his small shop in the Bronx. Forty-five years ago he started out with a dream to make the perfect cowbell."

Poynter Online - Romenesko

"If we wait an hour to have a really good obituary for someone like Heath Ledger, we're totally out of the game. And that's not a place that I ever want to be."

Society of Professional Journalists: Alternative Newsweeklies: Growing Up

"'The Internet economics changed my thinking on how you have to be postured going into the future,' Eason said."

BLDGBLOG: Immanent islandry

"The seafloor is unzipping, one could say." GalleyCat

"But Ned Rorem has said Keogh, who died earlier this month in North Carolina, was 'our best American writer, certainly our best female writer'"

Eyak language dies with its last speaker : APRN

"The last traditional speaker of the Eyak language died yesterday, making the language extinct."

Crash by J.G. Ballard design competition - Times Online

"Times Online has teamed up with publishers Harper Collins to give you the chance to redesign the cover of his 1973 novel Crash."

Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry

"If 'to boldly go' is a split infinitive, then 'the happy cat' is a split nominative. No sane man cares about such things."

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