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Ink well. . .


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Now, because my name is attached to the story (and the quotes make me sound like a giddy little moron who just did as she was told), I'm becoming the symbol for whatever gripe particular bloggers feel like griping about: crazy Chicago politics, Democrats, Obama supporters, uneducated voters, whathaveyou. What a feeling that is! I wish I could bottle it. And set it on fire.

One of the voters who fell victim to the invisible ink gag/scam/screw-up/mystery speaks out on her blog, Rubber Nun. Fortunately, she did get to cast a ballot: "As I filled in my little arrow for Obama with visible ink, I started to cry -- out of relief and gratitude and, I'm not even kidding, pride in being an American and being able to vote." She's kind of taking it on the chin about this via the news and blogosphere; let he who has not totally blanked out at 7 A.M. call someone a "retard."

(via Wish You Were Here)

P.S. Plus her blog pointed me to this, which I didn't know was out, and for that I am quite grateful. So be nice.