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Super Tuesday omnibus


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* As you're probably already aware, Super Tuesday didn't really settle anything for the Democrats, so it's time to study up on superdelegates. In short, they're somewhere in between prom committee and the Trilateral Commission: "elected officials and other leaders who vote at the party’s convention but are not selected in primaries." The Google Maps mashup is a good place to keep tabs on what our superdelegates are thinking.

* Unpleasant: "Every time John Edwards mentioned broken workers in mills he'd known, the young crowd watching the debate hooted derisively, 'The mill!, The mill!' Every time Hillary Clinton mentioned her 35 years of experience, they hooted, too." I will confess to have been something of a mark for Edwards, perhaps because his talk of the decline of the southern industrial economy hit home, but as someone (I forget who) remarked, perhaps a requiem for the American dream was not the right stump speech for these times.

* Kos makes a perceptive observation: "As I've said before, the best endorsements are mayors with patronage machines. SoCal is going HUGE for Hillary, and that's because of the L.A. machine working on her behalf. Compare to senators and congressmen which don't have machines, and then take a look at Massachusetts." Perhaps not coincidentally, he spent many of his younger years in Chicago and went to NIU.

* I'm trying not to think about whether machine politicians should have more power than celebrities

* Zombie meme sucking my brain: "The Straight Talk Express has driven a straight path long enough that we know it's real."

* "Post-Super day, GOP race has clarity Dems lack." Unquestionably, unless you're a GOP pundit. The McCain juggernaut and yesterday's Huckabee resurgence has the Romney-loving powers that be sick to their stomachs.

* "So spurn me, I voted for Hillary."

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