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Junta takes aim at latest Rambo movie - Yahoo! Canada News

"Police in Myanmar have given DVD hawkers strict orders not to stock the new Rambo movie, which features the Vietnam War veteran taking on the former Burma's ruling military junta"

The Smart Set: The Oberlin Experiment - December 14, 2007

'Turns out that for two years, Oberlin College carried out an earnest and lunatic revolution in collegiate sports. They call it “The Oberlin Experiment,” the only college sports program that ever tried to implement a plan according to the tenets of radical athleticism. Sports scholar Douglas Hartmann calls it the "great unwritten chapter in American sports history.”'

johninnit » Blog Archive » Live and let Livesey

"Big shame, as this museum is a real gem, and the only one like it I’ve ever found. They only have one exhibition a year (numbers last year, now maps), but it’s a biggie"

Ireland debates switch to right-hand driving | Oddly Enough | Reuters

"Ireland should consider giving up driving on the left to reduce accidents by foreigners accustomed to right side motoring, a senior politician said Friday."

Pianists - Mannerisms - Music - New York Times

"Elaborate arm waving and heaven-bound gazes, at any rate, seem to have become part of the conservatory curriculum, like accurate scales and counterpoint."

Jon Meacham's Cri de Coeur: Why Do You Read The Economist Instead of Newsweek? | The New York Observer

'"Look, I need you," said Mr. Meacham. "And I need—I've got people out there risking their lives right now. The Economist is not, by the way ..."' | The Lessons of the Weather Underground

“People only get won over through person-to-person engagement, not through spectacle,” Rudd said. “But self-expression is not the same as organizing. The problem is very few people today know this simple truth.”