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Annotation (Harper's Magazine): Keyword: Evil

"Thus through city infrastructure, state givebacks, and federally subsidized power, YouTube is bankrolled by us."

Obama Bought Home Without Rezko Discount, Seller Says

"The couple who sold Barack Obama his Chicago home said the Illinois senator's $1.65 million bid 'was the best offer'"

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 'Darkest ever' material created

"But it has proved difficult to construct an object that does not reflect light at all."

Statistics in the Outfield | Wired Science from

"Jensen was able to rank the best and worst fielders at each position based on the number of runs saved or cost. The results showed what Derek Jeter-haters have long suspected: that with and average of 13.81 runs lost per season, he's a lousy short stop."

If gloom is game, Beckett is champ --

"I see students more interested in politics this year than I have in my previous 18 years of teaching. The highest reaches of our government seem impenetrable or corrupt. I think people are sensing an isolation that Beckett captures uncompromisingly"

Philosophy meets the real world. - By Jon Lackman - Slate Magazine

"They told the first group that Bill wanted Frank dead and so grieved little for him. To the second, they said that Bill hated what he'd done. Both groups were then asked if Bill deserved blame for Frank's death."