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Imaginary DJ battle: Crate vs Craze


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Whenever I get a promo of an upcoming Fabriclive mix I tend to put it on without stopping to really examine the packaging--none of them has been bad, and some have been among the best mixes I've ever heard. I didn't even look at the name on Fabriclive 38, and the first time I listened to it I could've sworn that on the drop at the beginning the dude says "DJ Crate." That blew my mind, because the only DJ Crate I've ever heard of was a sorta-crazy middle-aged guy in my neighborhood back in Kalamazoo who wore the logo plate from a Crate amp as bling and to my knowledge never actually DJed anything. I'm not even sure he knew how. 

Turns out that it was DJ Craze who put together Fabriclive 38. It's a pretty decent mix, centered around the hipster party-rap axis, with the Cool Kids, Bangers and Cash, Pase Rock, and Blaqstarr each appearing at least a couple times. There are also a few surprising cuts--an Earth, Wind & Fire joint, Jan Hammer's "Miami Vice Theme"--thrown in for flavor. It's great and all, but I wonder what DJ Crate could've done with it.

Actually he'd probably sing-rap into a Walkman for half an hour and then try to sell me the tape.

Craze is spinning at Zentra tonight. I'm guessing booties will be shookened.

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