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Cognitive Daily: Do our stereotypes about music fans match their actual preferences?

"But when Rentfrow and Gosling asked 85 actual music fans to rate their own personalities, their own ratings agreed with the judges for just two of these genres: rock and religious."

Design Observer: writings about design & culture - Any baseball is beautiful

"It is in this spirit of national reawakening that I stumbled upon the photographs of Don Hamerman, a photographer in Stamford, Connecticut. For the past few years, as he's walked his dog at a local park, he's picked up lost and forgotten baseballs. There are dozens of them now, all lovingly photographed." 


"Here in a younger, happier country, we have instruments that give freedom an advantage, but even in this season of hope let us not forget that the struggle in which we are engaged is best measured not in electoral cycles but in generations."

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones - All The News That’s Fit To Write

"Most of the world attaches special significance to the hand-written, and lives with an intimate knowledge of its forms and an appreciation of its cultural and social dimensions." 

The Valve - A Literary Organ | Codex Nuttall: Hooked On Boustrophedonics!

"I’ve been browsing - rereading would, I guess be too strong a word - my dear old Dover edition of the The Codex Nuttall."

Animated Bayeux Tapestry | New York Public Library

"It depicts the last successful invasion of Britain by William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and the defeat of King Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon King (in the video: he is the character struck in the eye with an arrow).

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