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Discovery News : Discovery Channel - Material Could Repel Laser Attacks

"If you have a ship being hit by a laser, and it was made of this metamaterial, you could reflect the laser beam"

Digg, Wikipedia, and the myth of Web 2.0 democracy. - By Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine

"It's hard to avoid the conclusion that Digg—a site meant to "collectively determine the value of content"—is largely run by 100 people."

A Chat With George W. Bush’s Conscience | Health Policy | DISCOVER Magazine

"An old-fashioned moralist, he holds some views that are remarkably unfashionable—even premodern. He still employs the term bastard to describe the children of unwed parents, and he has written despairingly about the loss of 'female modesty'"

Law & Politics Book Review: Reviews Home

"Gant’s thesis is simple, straightforward and stated in the title. He is suggesting that the boundaries between professional journalism and the communications of ordinary citizens are collapsing, if they have not already collapsed."

The Frontal Cortex : The Fourth Culture

"The premise of this movement--perhaps a fourth culture--is that neither culture can exist by itself. Its goal will be to cultivate a positive feedback loop, in which works of art lead to new scientific experiments, which lead to new works of art"

2007 Trends article on LogoLounge.Com

"Dragons: Lots and lots of dragons."

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