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On Cruelty and Journalism : Edward Champion’s Filthy Habits

"I think the impulse to photograph or videotape a cruel misdeed is now indelibly interwoven into the American psyche. The camera is now a device that offers anyone total justification for being entirely removed from human emotion."

hiezer_city on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"The latest view of Heizer's City in Google Earth. "

Gay Porn Star Twins Charged In Crime Spree, "City Of Brotherly Love" Siblings Suspected In String Of Burglaries In At Least 3 States - CBS News

"He said they could have had a good career if they hadn't gotten in trouble."

Too Much: A Commentary on Excess and Inequality

"The enormous wealth now pouring into elite U.S. private colleges and universities — at a time when average families are struggling to afford rising tuitions at budget-cutting public colleges — is finally beginning to become a political issue." Food Rant: America's Fat Problem

"Snackwells, for instance. Who’s the clever executive who came up with that name? Want a healthy snack? Try buying . . . Snackwells! Are Americans stupid enough to buy that? You bet!"

God and the City -

"Then he said, 'Okay, if I do end up finding drugs, can I get your number so I can let you know?' I was thinking, does that ever work?"


"Archisuit consists of an edition of four leisure jogging suits made for specific architectural structures in Los Angeles."