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Obummer omnibus


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* Carol Marin attributes some of Hillary's comeback to Tina Fey (vid). I'll believe it for real when the campaign rocks Meredith Brooks.

* Obama is counting on the reality of the math, and might actually come away with more delegates than Hillary from Tuesday; Hillary's end-game strategy is an issue, except for on Tuesday night when a win was a win. I claim the BCS as the operative sports metaphor for this numbers racket.

* Ohio is Old America ("the four-door Buick of the country, not particularly exciting but clinging to the hope that it is durable and safe"), Texas is New America.

* The New America can't count or run an election, which makes sense. Again: magic packets.

* Are you a Hillary supporter who's tired of not being able to spend money on cutting-edge political tchotchkes? Get the Marc Jacobs Hillary shirt.

* Matt Yglesias: it's weird that Lisagor award-winner Austan Goolsbee is such a big deal because all the NAFTA talk is just snowing the rubes anyway.

* Tim Jones has a good piece on poverty and voting in Ohio. 

* Marin talks Rezko on NBC5. Nothing new but the slo-mo perp walk is a nice touch.

* John McCain used the phrase "my friends" 11 times in his victory speech. Get used to it, it's going to be a long seven months.

* BusinessWeek assures America that it's actually OK if a Democrat wins. What good is money if you can't inspire terror in your fellow man? Always fun finding out what the other .1% thinks.

* How to Inspire People Like Obama Does (caution: may not work in Ohio). "2. Alliteration. Both Kennedy and King were fond of this device that strings together words that start with similar sounds."


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