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University shares its Lincoln letters online - Education-

"Barely a year into the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln suggested buying slaves for $400 apiece under a "gradual emancipation" plan that would bring peace at less cost than several months of hostilities."

Beat the Press Archive | The American Prospect

"The reality of course is that none of us knows the real situation at Citigroup or any other bank that the Fed may be keeping alive with its TAF."

ESPN - Card photographer is the Topps dog in the business - Columnist

"Barry Bonds promised 30 minutes for a Topps shoot. Instead, Forwerck got him to stay for more than two hours. Turns out Bonds is a huge photography geek."

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones

"Office doodles testify to the popularity of the letter R, perhaps because it synopsizes the rest of the alphabet in one convenient package"

Heads Up: Poverty Tours - Slum Visits: Tourism or Voyeurism? - Travel - New York Times

"The real purpose, he believes, is to make Westerners feel better about their station in life. “It affirms in my mind how lucky I am — or how unlucky they are,” he said." / Comment & analysis / Analysis - World-wise web? Finally on the horizon are computers that can reason

"Imagine, for instance, being able to ask a computer, “Where should I go on holiday?” and receiving an answer that is as suitable as anything you could have come up with yourself."




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