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alicubi journal :: the naughty georgians

"Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827), a social satirist and caricaturist, drew the age's most enduring dirty pictures. He was a celebrity in his day, illustrating the works of authors such as Jonathan Swift and producing several volumes of his own."

James Wolcott's Blog: Unimpungnable Insight of the Day: Wolcott's Blog:

"No outsider truly knows what goes on in the inside of a marriage, and it's arrogant and pointless to prescribe a course of action to a stranger, even if that stranger is prominent in the news." First Drones of History

"The journalistic celeblog has its roots in fertile soil — the hallowed tradition of "Nobody asked me, but..." columns that newspaper hacks have for decades used to fill space with short-paragraph rambles on the folly of Liberals, the folly of Conservatives, or the folly of the guy who invented the shrink wrap on compact disks." 

Eschaton - Reading Habits of the Liberal Media

Andrew Sullivan? Sigh. If I can get Alicublog on that list, I'll die happy.

Fatal flaw - The Boston Globe

"Truog is one of a handful of vocal critics who believe the medical community is misleading the public -- and deluding itself -- with an arbitrary definition of death."

Predictably / Irrational » Blog Archive » Why we save and not save energy?

"I think we can look at the success of the Prius, and by understanding the underpinning of its success, we can design incentives so that people start caring about making their homes more efficient."

So many chimps on TV, so few in the wild --

"Many people surveyed said they assumed that because the apes are so widely used in the entertainment and advertising industry, wild chimps must be plentiful and thriving."

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