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The Agitator » Blog Archive » Email From a Former Cop

"The final point my father was adamant about was the police 7 point hat. He said this hat was unmistakable in identifying an officer in any situation. His officers were not supposed to leave their vehicles without putting on their hat. Many departments have abandoned these expensive hats in favor of baseball caps. In a crowd there may be dozens of dark ball caps."

The World Of Kane.

"'His only crime... was hearing a new world'...Oh, and murdering his landlady."

The Next American City / Finding the Sacred in the City

"We must find the sacred not only in the manmade, but also in what has been remade, and continues to be remade. Not ignoring but rather integrating history."

Book Digest: March 17, 2008 - The Morning News

"It’s a bizarre and weirdly shaped story in which a guy develops the ability to hear the dead, and the dead are—well, petty and horny and class-obsessed. Just like the living, I guess. Only with less hopping around."

Euphemism and American Violence - The New York Review of Books

"Since the people are not always right but are by definition always in the majority, their self-approbation, Burke added, tends to make them shameless and therefore fearless."

List of fictional United States Presidents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"fictional Presidents of the United States of America who have appeared in film, television and print."

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