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First Principles - The Problem with Conventional Economics

"Nine Bad Ideas about Human Nature"

Archinect : News : Building & Co: You are the architect!

"Far from a simple building site simulation, this city builder will allow users to familiarize themselves with the building industry and help them learn about the issues inked with a real building site"

“It drink pretty good, don’t it?” at Punditry by the Pint

"The above eloquence brought to you by an esteemed member of the Alabama house who was opposing the Free the Hops bill to raise the alcohol by volume limit for beer sold in the state to 13.9 percent. He wanted to know what’s wrong with good ol’ Miller"

The uses of incomprehensibility - Paul Krugman - Op-Ed Columnist - New York Times Blog

"The incomprehensibility is not, I think, because El-Erian is a bad writer. It’s because he understands, perhaps unconsciously, that saying this clearly would outrage people."

The Smart Set: Bottled Water World - March 17, 2008

"People who say they can’t taste the difference between bottled water and tap water are lucky indeed. There is a difference, and usually it’s not even subtle." / in print

"Rosen’s stories explore bird-watching as a search for origins, whether by way of the Creator or by way of biology."

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