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Video: Uzbek food montage



This week's Omnivorous is about Chaihanna, the Buffalo Grove Uzbek restaurant run by sisters-in-law Olga Berrin and Natalya Berrina. As far as I can tell, it's the area's only restaurant devoted to the food of this ancient intersection on the Silk Road. Sure, you can order samsas and damlama at Russian Tea Time, but those few dishes can't begin to represent the fascinating amalgam of ethnic influences in the food of Uzbekistan. Weirdly, though, Olga and Natalya were pretty offhand about their achievements, and try as I might, I couldn't convince them to do an on-camera demo, or even give up a recipe. So instead, I offer this montage of various Uzbek foods and their preparation, which appears to have been made by a homesick Tashkent native named Akmal. 


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