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Coheed and Cambria's multimedia empire


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Coheed and Cambria, upstate New York's version of Rush for people who think they're too cool for Rush, make concept albums that double as chapters in an epic sci-fi narrative developed by bandleader Claudio Sanchez. For the past four years or so, anything on the records that doesn't make sense (often quite a lot) has been elucidated in The Amory Wars, Sanchez's comic series. The first five issues will be released as a single graphic novel at the venerable New York Comic Con, which runs April 18 through 20 (and whose FAQ includes the question "Can I bring a sword?"). There will be bonus material that never appeared in the original comics as well as a preview of the next installments of the series. I've never claimed to be any kind of comic-collector geek, so it's painless for me to admit that I vastly prefer the graphic-novel format to a pile of individual issues. I also count Coheed and Cambria among the few bands I often wish I could read rather than listen to.

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