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A Dry September at TUCC


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My friend Ben, an intern pastor at a south-side church, did a "crash Holy week," nine liturgies at seven churches throughout Chicago, and caught Rev. Otis Moss III's sermon on Jeremiah Wright at Trinity United Church of Christ--which, like Obama's speech, used Faulkner as a touchstone. Do read his post, it's remarkable. For more on Moss, here's a brief talk by him on TUCC. The young Rev. Moss was born to be in the pulpit--his father, Rev. Otis Moss Jr., was a co-pastor with Martin Luther King, Sr.; here's an interview with him.

Correction: People seem to think I am in agreement with Rev. Wright about damning America. I thought he meant "God damn [the men who wrote 'Horse With No Name']." So of course I thought "who doesn't hate America? That song is awful, and so is 'Lonely People.'" I apologize for any confusion.

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