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Through the cracks: our back pages


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* Jody Weis goes all CPD 2.0: "Well now there's like 10,000 cameras. You know every kid on the street got a cell phone, usually every cell phone has a camera. So, the thought that well if I don't say anything the problem will go away. Those days are gone, they're just gone." They should partner with EveryBlock.

* The leading school for "fraud detection" (i.e. lying) is in Chicago.

* "Are you 45-64, college-educated, with kids, a taste for Gevalia Kaffe and online collectibles? Or are you under 55, enjoy mountain biking and Quizno’s Subs? Either way, SouthtownStar reporter Kim Janssen would like to talk with you for an upcoming story." I knew the newspaper audience was shrinking, but I had no idea. Is this what life is going to be like after the Medill School of Audience and Consumer Information runs everything?

* "If the news is that important, it will find me." Hey! Do you like Quizno's? Are you under 55?! GET BACK HERE! I HAVE A CAMERA PHONE!

* Devon Bank is offering Sharia loans.

* The Kansas City Star has a nice, personal obit for WGN's Wally Phillips.

* It's Root Canal Awareness Week. Um. . . . get a root canal, if you need one.

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