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BLDGBLOG: Forgotten Architects

"Many of the buildings these architects produced were absolutely extraordinary – and, frankly, it seems impossible not to look at these images and judge 20th century Germany in light of the catastrophic stupidities that led to its murderous exile of the creative classes, whether those were physicists, novelists, abstract expressionists, or even architect members of the Bauhaus." Science, Technology and The Future

"That creative process –kinesthetic– is perhaps immunizing children from nature and therefore creating a social environment that entails less caring for the outdoors and all its splendors, people said."

The Frontal Cortex : The Illusion of Streaks

"Someone should really tell the NCAA tournament television commentators that "the hot hand" doesn't exist."

Victim 'Hood

"But the real scandal of Love and Consequences isn't so much the fact that its author is a liar: it's that she trafficked so skillfully in lies the literary establishment desperately wants to be told about the racial character of our common life."

Robert Fagles, Translator of the Classics, Dies at 74 - New York Times

"Some days were Iliadic, he said — you felt you were in a war — and some were more like the Odyssey, when all you wanted to do was go home."

Philippe Starck tells magazine design is dead

"I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact," Starck told Die Zeit weekly newspaper. "Everything I designed was unnecessary."

BLDGBLOG: Earth Evolves

"And though plate tectonics may actually cease someday, let's say that a healthy billion and a half more years of continental rearrangement are still in store for this world; what fantastic inland seas and archipelagos might yet be waiting to form?"

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