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Through the cracks: the backs of the books


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* Big Z has problems with endearingly contemporary addictions: "unless pitcher Carlos Zambrano gets serious about cutting the coffee and energy drinks from his pregame ritual, his recurring problems with cramps might never get resolved."

* "A reputed member of the Insane Mafia Vice Lord street gang, 25, was arrested for biting a police officer on the 900 block of W. Montrose Avenue March 3." Less interesting for the biting than the fact that this particular gang is really pushing the limits of deviance indicators a gang can use in its name before starting to sound silly.

* Dept. of craftsmanship: "It (Fukudome's homer) was unbelievable. When I asked Bob (Brenly) off the air, 'Did you think it was gone when he hit it?' Brenley said he wasn't sure. … If I'm not sure, I pull back. The last thing I want to do is get overly excited if it ends up being a routine flyball. I want to build it to a crescendo."

* The Loop Lab School story is slowly getting more interesting.

* Ludwig drum scion and Beatles kit-builder William F. Ludwig II passes away at 91.

* Old St. Patrick's custodian Gilbert Gonzales, the "Mayor of Desplaines and Adams," passes away at 47. 

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