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Endangered Turtle To Get Bionic Flipper, Scientists Give Prosthetic To Atlantic Sea Turtle Found With Three Missing Flippers - CBS News

"Somehow, she swam with just one flipper, even though she can only move in counterclockwise circles and has to push her now 10-pound body off the bottom with her head to breathe."

A 'perfect storm' of hunger - Los Angeles Times

"White beans at $1,160," the white-haired Belgian, 52, cries in despair over the price of a metric ton. "Complete madness! I bought them two years ago in Ethiopia for $235."

Fogonazos: Scott and Shackleton's abandoned huts in Antarctica

"the World Monuments Watch describes it as one of the hundred most endangered sites in the world, and New Zealand's Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT) has been working in the last years to preserve it from corrosion."

The Royal Mint - The New Designs Revealed

"The winning designer is 26-year-old Matthew Dent, originally from Bangor who now lives and works in London as a graphic designer."

Hate the Game, Not the Player | The Media | The American Scene

"Surprisingly, one thing that 21 made clear was that card counting isn’t an IQ test, it’s a character test."

things magazine

"Architectural media has a habit of creaming off the most interesting work, a tiny percentage of a percentage, casting an almost wholly skewed and inaccurate portrait of any contemporary scene."

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