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Richard Dreyfuss on Charlton Heston on National Review Online

"Millions of Jewish kids grew up with the confusion that A) Charlton Heston was Moses B) Charlton Heston was not Jewish. I believe that films like Ben Hur were conceived because Heston was there to make them."

Charlton Heston : Edward Champion’s Filthy Habits

"Heston was one of those dependable melodramatic actors, blessed with a wonderful and often ridiculous voice that opened the floodgates for the pleasantly overbearing masculinity one now sees in Harrison Ford, William Shatner, and Dennis Quaid."

CRITICAL MASS: Reviewing 101: John Updike's rules

"Try to understand what the author wished to do, and do not blame him for not achieving what he did not attempt."

The Frontal Cortex : Art and Science

"But you don't find out you're an artist because you do something really well. You find out you're an artist because when you fail you have something within you--strength or belief or just craziness--that picks you back up again."

Starbucks and 'Laissez Faire' -

"I wondered just what the company's standards were. If "laissez-faire" is unacceptably political, how could the socialist slogan "people not profits" be acceptable?"

Legacies of the Riot -

"Though most traces of the riot have been erased from 14th and U, the government building and the gentrification movement are products of the riot's twin legacies -- legacies that shape the city's social and political dynamics still."

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