"The kind of street-smart, violent kid who adults couldn’t reach" | Bleader

"The kind of street-smart, violent kid who adults couldn’t reach"


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What is certain is that when police brought Addolfo in for questioning, the adult they had there to watch over his rights, was his biological mother. This is the mother who the Department of Children and Family Services deemed unfit to be his legal guardian. This is the mother who testified at Addolfo’s trial that the night she joined him at the police station she was high from reefer and cocaine, and that she had also been drinking.

WBEZ has the best piece of reporting I've seen so far about this year's rash of youth violence--it's not specifically about the CPS shootings, but instead is an in-depth look at the story of Addolfo Davis, who's been in prison since he was 14 for a double murder. What's frustrating and sad about Davis's story--more so than all the rest of it--is that Davis was very close to getting treatment in response to less severe crimes, but a critical DCFS mistake allowed Davis the chance to escape, after which he became involved in the murders he's in prison for. It's by Linda Paul; you can listen to more of her stories here. Part two is tomorrow.

Related: PBS's Frontline has two outstanding episodes, The New Asylums and When Kids Get Life, about related topics.

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