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The Children's Crusade


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“We’re the city of flowers. We’re the city of trees and gardens and all that. I’d like to maybe change that motto to, ‘City of Children.’ I really believe that.”
--Mayor Daley, 4/10/08 

We'll be needing a new seal, then. Collect all four!

Update III: I think I got it right this time (previously it was "urbis liberi," which is "children of the city," right?). I checked a grammar book, at least.

Pedantic update: From the article: "How do the latin [sic] words, 'Urbs of Liberi' sound?" Er, they sound 66% Latin. Not that I am without flaws, as my misadventures in translation prove.

Update IV: Hey, they fixed it. Sorry, I took two years of college Latin and I have to get something out of it, even if that something is minor irritation.

Update: Got the translation wrong. The above reads "Children of the city" (I think; haven't done Latin since high school). Working on it.

Update II: Is "child" liber or parvulus