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New York Press - GREG BURGETT - Someone's Listening In: How indie rock morphed into adult contemporary

"So settle down, dear reader, as I am not intending to upset, to confound or to insult. I have come not to shame Indie Adult Contemporary but to praise it. The indie set, at last, have something that reads more like literature"


We looked at the scenes of abuse and immediately accused those inside the frame of responsibility, instead of those outside the frame demanding that these acts be undertaken. "The Iraq war," said Morris, "was essentially a war of sexual humiliation." 

A New Reason to Frown | Newsweek Health |

"Oops. In a reversal of the usual sequence in science, researchers have discovered, after millions of people have received the drug, something fundamental about how Botox can act. Contrary to what turned up in preclinical testing, botulinum toxin can travel along neurons from the injection site into the brain, at least in lab animals."

ESPN - Leaf embraces place in history - NFL

"I kind of got out of the spotlight and life's never been this good."

Barry Crimmins : Political Satirist

"In Rocky's first title bout he lost to a black man with a funny name. Oh wait, that's another parallel."

OFF MESSAGE: Measure For Pleasure (04/11/2008)

"As we spend a larger and larger portion of each day staring at screens, we are effectively redefining our priorities and thus our lives. And the question remains: Will it make us happy?"

More Reasons For Spiking Food Prices - Bonddad

"In the American Midwest, land prices have jumped, along with the cost of energy and chemicals. The price of diammonium phosphate, a common fertilizer, is about $1,200 a ton in the U.S., up from about $450 a ton a year ago."

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