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Great Schism - The Current

"One of the largest and most powerful of the "black holiness churches," TUHOPFAP is known for its street brass bands, cheap and delicious soul food, and mass outdoor baptisms, which involve fire-hoses and huge tanks of water imported from the River Jordan"

Research monkeys languish in a state of limbo - Los Angeles Times

"The inbred clans of traumatized monkeys have managed to survive long years of war, hunger and science, tucked away in the oblivion and isolation of a breakaway republic most people couldn't find on a map."

Battleground Chicago: The Police and the 1968 Democratic National Convention by Frank Kusch, an excerpt

"Waiting for signs of trouble in the suburbs would be 6,000 army troops, including members of the elite 101st Airborne Division. The men were to be equipped with bazookas and flamethrowers." | Ideas | Enlightenment, wrought in glass

"By the time Abbot Suger built his church at Saint-Denis in the 12th century, God had been removed from darkness and bathed in light."

The New Atlantis » The Moral Life of Cubicles

"Sociologist C. Wright Mills wrote of office workers, “Whatever history they have had is a history without events.”"

Dan Froomkin - Bush OK'd Torture Meetings -

"If you consider what the government did to be torture, which is a crime according to U.S. and international law, Bush's statement shifts his role from being an accessory after the fact to being part of a conspiracy to commit."

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