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Is the Renaissance scholar dead? | comment |

"The second is that we think education stops around the end of the second decade, and that people will then get on with the next stage of conformity, as both cogs in the wealth-production machine and consumers of its outputs."

Don't Stop with Katie Couric

"O.K., out there: Raise your hand if you've caught any of the Big Three's evening news in the past year? I know I haven't. Like most folks I know, I'm not home when it airs at 6:30 p.m."

The Idolatry of America - The New Republic

"On some of them, "the president's name appeared in full at the places where Jesus's hands were nailed" to the cross. At these rallies, which took place all over the country, the blending of politics and religion was complete."

"Both Read the Same Bible" - Books & Culture

"Above all, they were willing to question whether the combination of individualism and a lack of centralized religious authority—the democratic and voluntary features of American Christianity that had contributed so much to its dynamic growth—might also be primarily responsible for the civil strife that had divided the country."

Encode data in 2D on your T-shirts, business cards and stickers ! - Instructables - DIY, How To, craft, offbeat

"Follow me then and you'll have Y2010 business cards also."

Jon Henley on the fate of the semicolon | World news | The Guardian

"That country is France, which is currently preoccupied with the fate of its ailing semicolon."

Nope. - The Agitator

"The dance was meant to be a celebration of [Thomas] Jefferson. No one thought there would be a confrontation."

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