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* Amazing set of photos from the partially demolished Washburne Trade School, by Katherine of Chicago.

* Marc Geelhoed: Shostakovich invented hip-hop.

* Celebrating spring with a chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon ice cream cone from Bleeding Heart Bakery. FWIW, I was once treated to homemade bacon toffee by a local pastry chef friend. A hit.

* Jessi is having trouble knocking off one of the simplest of her self-imposed 99 problems, watching Brewster's Millions (full list).

* "One of the comments asks why Animal Control wasn't called to take the cougar into custody. Animal Control is lucky to have two trucks up at any given time."

* "If only I had a sharpie: J. MESS WUZ HERE 2008. GOT 2 WORK 2 HOURZ LATE." Writer/publisher/editor Jonathan Messinger was one of the unlucky few lots on the Blue Line derailment.

* Dumpsite thinks they weren't so unlucky: "I certainly wouldn't want to be stuck on a stalled subway car for an hour, but getting the chance to walk through a CTA tunnel, and seeing the infrastructure that most of us don't get to look at, would almost make the hassle worth it."

* Actually, I kind of agree. Make that two votes; surely we aren't alone. Let's make it a tourist attraction.

* Lee Bey is a keen observer: "At 53, the Prudential still looks good in a conservative-gray-flannel-suit sort of way." Indeed it does, but they should bring back the red lettering.


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