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BLDGBLOG: The mathematics of preservation and the future of urban ruins

A little bit of roadwork, and that mathematical object would be gone. "I don't want to encourage more cars onto the roads," New Scientist wrote, "but if topology and beauty mean anything to you, get out there and enjoy I-95/695 now. It may soon be too late."

The Iraq wars - The Boston Globe

"Today Iraq is embroiled in three separate civil wars, only one of which has involved US troops in a significant way. These three conflicts have generated most of the country's violence, and are intensively reported on in the Iraqi press"

Report Finds Air Force Officers Steered $50M Contract -

"Goldfein even arranged for President Bush to videotape a testimonial in the White House Map Room that was included in the SMS contract proposal as a demonstration of the company's credibility and access."

How Sportswriting Lost Its Game - Utne Reader

"By and large, however, it’s precisely these workaday pros we relegate to the background."

Youth! - The New York Review of Books

"And in order to ensure a permanent left majority...we'd have many left-wing babies."

What to expect when you're expecting better stats

"They were convinced that the failure of 53 to appear in a given week actually made it more likely to appear the next. And so the bets grew larger."

Music Thing: The surprising and wonderful history of Acme Whistles

"The company has been responsible for every major advance in whistle technology since 1860."

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