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Bitter roots


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The issue with Obama’s talk at a California fundraiser was not that he was condescending to working-class rural Pennsylvanians, but rather that he was pandering to wealthy urban San Franciscans. His speech about guns and religion was playing to stereotypes that rich city folk have about poor country ones. And he’s apologized. I have great hopes for a country that can elect a man like Barack Obama, but I don’t expect politicians to stop pandering to voters. That’s just too much to ask for all at once.

Chicago native John Warner and local crime writer Kevin Guilfoile (part of the Outfit collective) discuss guns, beer, and bitterness at The Morning News. It's much more interesting than the bulk of editorials written on the subject. Guilfoile even suggests a strategy for Clinton: "my cousin Steven Guilfoile who, in his senior season of track, figured out that if you scream your head off as you run the 200 meters, the other, faster runners will turn around to see what’s wrong, allowing you to pass them." There's video.

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