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Foreign Policy: Design for Despots

"At more than 2 miles long, Beijing’s new Terminal 3, the world’s largest building, boasts strategically placed skylights to give it the appearance of a dragon from the air."

Dinosaur Gardens » Steve Ditko: Avenging World

"Why did you deny what truth you did know as true?… How did you expect your dishonesty to lead to an honest gain… a worthy end?"

266 - Where News Breaks « Strange Maps

"Especially when considering metropolitan areas, Chicago/Illinois should be half the ‘news size’ of New York City/New York, while in fact it seems to be less than one fifth."

How Valid Are T.V. Weather Forecasts? - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

"Until the public demands change in the form of lost ratings from this hollow practice of “placebo forecasting,” T.V. weather forecasts will continue to blow smoke up our … upper-level-lows."

The War on the Times: Entertainment & Culture:

"The New York Times Company is currently worth just a bit less than $2.8 billion, down from almost $7 billion in 2002."

Divine Comedy- All Covers on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"I was inspired by Dante's use of mathematics and architecture in describing Hell, Heaven and Purgatory."

Wired 3.06: A Globe, Clothing Itself with a Brain

"Teilhard saw the Net coming more than half a century before it arrived. He believed this vast thinking membrane would ultimately coalesce into "the living unity of a single tissue" containing our collective thoughts and experiences."

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