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Petraeus Wins - The Current

"That they will again constitute a team overseeing the Iraq war, now at an even higher level of command, means the Bush administration is going for victory in Iraq over all other priorities"

Bad Gods | Alt Text: Twitter Your Life Away

"like an elderly woman keeping the television on for some semblance of company"

The Bonddad Blog: We're Nowhere Near the Bottom In Housing

"Dealers are slashing prices (which probably doesn't include incentives) and yet sales are still down big. That means we have a massive inventory overhang."

Pruned: The 25-Year Riverine Journey of a Wooden Boulder Carved out of a Felled 200-Year-Old Oak Tree

"Beginning in 1978, when a spherical chunk of oak got lodged in a stream as he was moving it to his studio, the sculptor David Nash has documented its long riverine journey."

The Most Officialest SkiFree Home Page

"SkiFree was intended to run on a 386 PC with VGA display."

Archinect : News : RIP Gehry's Santa Monica Place

"Just so the titanium jaded kids don't forget, FOG spent the first 25 years of his career doing pedestrian projects like this mall."

Iraqis bristle as U.S. opens huge embassy :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: World

"The 104-acre, 21-building enclave - the largest US Embassy in the world, similar in size to Vatican City in Rome"

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