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a machine for broadcasting | serial consign

"Andy Stanford-Clark, a "Master Inventor" for IBM has wired his home automation system to post updates to twitter."

Life: Dismembered again

"How does a town become known as Nub City? Why did more than two-thirds of all loss-of-limb accident claims in the United States in the late '50s and early '60s come from the Florida Panhandle?"

Dissent Magazine

"I'm talking about a new breed of liberal writers who have emerged on the web—a network of writers who are bringing together reformism and idealism in a way we haven't seen in many years."

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Toilet up for architecture prize

"The toilet, in Parrock Street car park, Gravesend, was designed by London-based Plastik Architects."

Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm

"Practice too late and you've forgotten the material and have to relearn it. The right time to practice is just at the moment you're about to forget."

oh my pod! - a set on Flickr

"Awesome mid century Taiwanese vacation homes. Now abandoned."

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