Where's the beef with arugula? | Bleader

Where's the beef with arugula?



The most salient thing I've read about the Obama/arugula B.S.:

"In other words, purchasing goods in a progressive manner is itself elitist, whereas purchasing goods in a less sustainable manner that suits enormous corporations makes you a populist. . . . I don't know exactly when underdogs, small business people, alternative lifestyles and cultural minorities became the elites, but it seems to be a permanent fixture of conservative ideology in the post-civil rights era. Comparisons like 'arugula track vs. beer track' is one manifestation of that ideology."

In some alternate universe, being a "Niebuhr-reading ESPN watcher" wouldn't make you a freak, but in the bright future of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications, your choice of consumer goods is a cross you have to bear. Anyway, Obama needs to fight back: it ain't arugula, it's rocket!