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Classical music's twentieth-century tragedy Ian Bostridge TLS

“when any self-respecting Hollywood archcriminal sets out to enslave mankind, he listens to a little classical music to get in the mood”

CAMPOS: A nation of hysterics : Columns & Blogs : The Rocky Mountain News

"This kind of thing encourages children to see the world in fear-ridden terms, and to grow up to become the sort of people more interested in having their government protect them from largely imaginary threats than in preserving their civil liberties."

Exports Help Economy to Modest Growth - New York Times

"The weak performance reflected the increasingly thrifty inclinations of American consumers in the face of plummeting real estate prices, tightening credit and a deteriorating job market."

Chasing Ray - A Modest Proposal

"The point with this project is that I can't expect a sixteen-year old to run out and read Samantha Power's latest book, but I can certainly get him or her primed to read Power a little later."

The Frontal Cortex : The Aged Brain

"The short answer is that, over time, the different parts of the brain becomes less interconnected."

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