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When Elite Get Tough - The Washington Independent - U.S. news and politics -

"Resentment against the swells became a staple of presidential politics in the 1820s, when Andrew Jackson, a former general and substantial slaveholder, become king of the common man."

The Bonddad Blog: Food Prices Starting To Hit Subsidies

"ethanol has royally screwed up the food supply in fundamental ways"

The New Economics of Hunger -

"within a few weeks, the traders discerned an ominous snowball effect -- one that would eventually bring down a prime minister in Haiti, make more children in Mauritania go to bed hungry, even cause American executives at Sam's Club to restrict sales of large bags of rice."

Kraft Reformulates Oreo, Scores in China -

"Research in Russia showed that consumers there like premium instant coffee, so Kraft is positioning its Carte Noire freeze-dried coffee as upscale by placing it at film festivals, fashion shows and operas."

Nico Muhly » God Only Knows

"I think that it’s a pretty brave move to use unmanipulated references either from literature or the Bible; it speaks to a growing awareness of the power of orthodoxy and a greater facility to pay attention both in creators and audiences."

Radar Online : Daniel Radosh tours the Christian comedy circuit in Rapture Ready: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture

"Once again, being Jewish gave me a certain cachet, this time as both the theological older brother and as a member of a group that does have a reputation for being funny."

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