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The audacity of B.S.


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It's vogue to say that Obama's promise to bring hope is worthless, but if a politician is going to promise me something he or she can't deliver on, I'd much prefer that it be a vague, ethereal concept than something stupid that obviously won't work. Perhaps I'm not alone. The sad thing is that she has entirely sensible domestic-policy proposals that even Obama fans prefer; why she dropped a plainly idiotic gas-tax suspension on comparatively high-information voters (i.e. primary voters) I'll never quite figure out, other than to chalk it up to the general incompetence of her campaign staff.

Also, is John Kass being ironic here or does he just hate Obama that much?

"And though many of us can't stand her First Laddie, you can't help but admire how she knocked back those Crown Royal shots to show she's not elitist and how she changed personalities, repeatedly redefining herself, refusing to quit, trying to cut down Barack Obama."

Update: More on the not-just-craven-but-also-dumb gas-tax suspension.

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