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Even cowboys get the blues


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In a 1998 story for the Reader, writer David Whiteis describes a performance by longtime Maxwell Street blues musician John "Dancin'" Perkins (front row, fourth from right): "Holding his bass behind his head or propping it up on the ground and spinning around it as if it were a dwarf maypole, he kicks high into the air, does groin-straining splits, and shuffles backward in a modified camel walk, all the while pounding out his trademark bass riff, sometimes using just his left hand." Perkins is well into his late 70s--if he's not older--but he's still going strong. Wednesday night at 8:30 PM he plays a free show at the Old Town School of Folk Music with a promised "all-star lineup" including his son (drums) and daughter-in-law (vocals). Call 773-728-6000 or visit Afrofolk.org to reserve tickets.

Peep a recent performance by Perkins, still wearing his trademark cowboy duds, here.