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Don't get too comfortable yet


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When the independent-promoter ordinance got shot down yesterday, I was a little guarded in my celebration, but the Reader's Ben Joravsky--one of the few people who actually understands Chicago government--is openly skeptical that the fight's really over. (It's always depressing when the best-informed people are the most pessimistic.) Ben's postgame breakdown is here. Some points that got my attention:

"The vendor's licensing bill (commonly known as the promoter's ordinance) has been resurrected because Mayor Daley wants it, and no one in City Hall has the guts to tell the mayor he can't have what he wants."

"Daley had Schulter defer action on the bill to buy the time he needs to figure out how he has to rewrite it in order to pass something, if only to save face. Remember this is the mayor who forced the council to defer enacting the ban on smoking in restaurants and bars for two years to make sure it wouldn't look as though he was compromising on his opposition to smoking bans."

And the one most worth remembering: "My advice to opponents of the bill is to protest at City Hall. You can't imagine how much the mayor and the aldermen hate it when citizens actually show up there. Lord knows what might happen if people saw how the city really works."

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